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Places of interest

Places of interest

The Fox Tower (Fuchsturm)

As the last remaining section of one of the four former castles, the Fox Tower, another of the seven wonders of Jena, stands on the Hausberg – a mountain in Jena-Ost. In 937 it was mentioned for the first time as the most easterly royal court of the Ottonians.


Jenzig Mountain

The 385 m high Jenzig Mountain in the North East is one of the seven wonders of Jena and offers an impressive view of the Saale valley. The path to the summit is characterised by many types of plant and heat-retaining Muschelkalk. more

Lobdeburg Castle

The ruins of a castle complex from the 12th century are situated on a mountain spur over the district of Lobeda and provide delightful views of Stadtroda, Cospoth and to Leuchtenburg Castle near Kahla. more

Landgrafen Mountain

Due to its exceptional view the 277 metre high Landgrafen is also known as the “Balcony of Jena”. The very steep path to the top rewards you with a fantastic view of Jena. more

Kunitzburg Castle

Kunitzburg Castle, the ruins of Gleißtal Castle, originates from the 12th century. The castle which was destroyed at an early stage in its history and today the only remains are sections of the residence and the castle keep, along with evidence of the graves. more

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