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A bicycle trail through Jena – A bicycle tour on the Saale

By bicycle

A dense network of cycle paths runs through the middle of the city and invites visitors to take part in cycling tours in all possible directions. Two German long-distance cycling trails meet in Jena, the long-distance cycling trail Thuringian Town Chain and the Saale bicycle trail which follows the river. Other cycle paths are connected and can be combined into individual circular tours.

Palace tour

This tour on the Saale bicycle paths takes you past great monuments and magnificent palaces. more

From Schiller’s Summer House to Goethe’s Garden House

Cycle on the Thuringian Town Chain bicycle trail from Jena to Weimar. more

Tracing Napoleon’s footsteps

The Napoleon bicycle tour leads you past the memorial stones through the nature reserve "Windknollen" to the Napoleon stone. more

Jena by bicycle

Take a tour of discovery through the University City with our city guides. more

Bicycle Hire and Bicycle Repair Shops in Jena

Whether on your own or as part of a large group – with a hire bicycle you can discover Jena by yourself. more

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