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The Sights

The Sights

Zeiss Planetarium Jena

The longest operating projection planetarium in the world with full-dome projection. more

Schiller Church

The church where Friedrich Schiller and Charlotte von Lengefeld were married in 1790. more

University of Jena (1558)

The university also includes the Collegium Jenense, the site where the university was founded, the historic main building of the Friedrich Schiller University, and the campus Ernst-Abbe-Platz with the Stella sculptures. more

Griesbach Summer House

The summer residence of the theologian Griesbach with the Goethe Monument was looted by the French in 1806 and served as a place of refuge for the population. more

Historic inn "Grüne Tanne"

The place where the first student fraternity, “Urburschenschaft”, was founded in 1815. more

Historic Town Hall (13th century)

One of the oldest town halls in Germany and witness to the historical change in Jena. Admire the astronomical clock from the 15th century and "Schnapphans" (snatching Hans), one of the "Seven Wonders" of Jena. more

City Church of St. Michael (1506)

The Late Gothic hall church with impressive show façade and western tower contains a Gothic stone pulpit, from which Martin Luther once delivered a sermon, and the original gravestone of the reformer. more

Hanfried Monument

The bronze statue shows the Elector of Saxony John Frederick the Magnanimous (Hanfried), who was the founder of the University of Jena. more

Stadtspeicher Jena

The origin of the building, which is now equipped with an impressive hologram façade, dates back to the end of the 13th century. more

Ernst Abbe Monument

Monumental memorial pavilion dedicated to Ernst Abbe, designed by Henry van de Velde, erected in 1909/1911. more

JenTower with the observation platform

The landmark in the heart of the city was created as a research building for VEB Carl Zeiss Jena according to plans by the GDR star architect Hermann Henselmann in the cylindrical building style of an ocular. more

City wall ensemble with St. John’s Gate (Johannistor) and the Powder Tower (Pulverturm)

It is well worth experiencing the view of the city centre and Jena’s picturesque surroundings from the towers! more

Historic Inn "Schwarzer Bär"

The historic inn has served as a place to stay for many travellers for over 500 years. This includes many unusual encounters such as the discussion between two Swiss students and Martin Luther. more

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