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Optical Museum

In the heart of Jena – the birthplace of the optics industry – you can experience optics up close. You can also view the largest collection of spectacles in Europe. more

Botanical Garden

Covering an area of 4.5 hectares, around 12,000 plants from all of the world’s climatic zones grow in open fields and greenhouses. more

Romanticist House Jena

The former home of the philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte is today a literary museum for early Romanticism in Jena. more

Schiller’s Summer House

Friedrich Schiller spent longer in Jena than in any other place. He lived and worked here for ten years. more

Goethe Memorial

J. W. Goethe spent over 5 years in Jena, adding up all of the months, weeks and days. more

Mineralogical Collection

The Mineralogical Collection was founded and developed over 200 years ago with the assistance of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. more

Ernst Haeckel House

The Ernst Haeckel Museum provides information about the life and work of the natural scientist. more

Museum of Phylogenetics

The Museum for the theory of evolution was founded in 1907 by the zoologist Ernst Haeckel. more

Jena Municipal Museum & Art Collection

The Jena municipal museum, which has served, among other things, as a house, mill and wine restaurant since the 13th century, now contains the Jena art collection – a gallery of modern art. more


In the SCHOTT Villa, the former home of the important scientist, technologist and entrepreneur Otto Schott, visitors can gain an insight into the many facets of his life.



An experimentarium for all the senses. A large activity area for the exploration of scientific phenomena. more

Museum 1806

The background and the events of the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt are brought to life in the museum and during the tours of the battlefields. more

Antiquity Collections

University collection with over 1500 original antiques and plaster casts of antique plastic from various artistic landscapes of the Mediterranean. more

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