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Package Offers/Travel Packages

Package Offers/Travel Packages

Readings in Schiller’s Summer House

Find out more about the life and work of Friedrich Schiller on the veranda of Schiller’s Summer House. more

Culinary Homage to van de Velde

Enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake with Jena pralines on a porcelain replica based on a design by Henry van de Velde. more

Offers in the JenTower

Enjoy "thrilling view" or "coffee and cakes". more

Dine like Luther

In 1522 Martin Luther, under the pseudonym "Junker Jörg", was served in the Bären in Jena. Now it’s your turn. more

Experience Leuchtenburg Castle

There are many treasures behind the thick walls of the Queen of the Saale valley. We have put together some offers for you. more

Flowing Smoothly - Jena for canoe-lovers

On the quiet section of the river you can explore Jena and the three impressive Dornburg Palaces in a boat or canoe. more

Dornburg Palaces

Cultural-historical tour around the Alte Schloss of the Dornburg Palaces


Bicycle Tours

A tour of discovery around Jena becomes a natural and cultural experience by bicycle. more

Guided hiking tours to the 7 Wonders of Jena

Find out interesting details and experience the city from fantastic perspectives. more

Day hikes on the SaaleHorizontale Trail

Explore the SaaleHorizontale trail on a guided tour with a trained hiking guide. more

Zeiss Planetarium Jena

As the world's oldest planetarium still in operation, the Zeiss Planetarium
in Jena transported visitors to the endless expanses of the cosmos. more

Tracing the footsteps of Novalis - Literature, Poetry and Art on a tour

The hiking tour on the Novalisweg hiking trail takes guests through soft terrain past 17 sculptures which were designed especially for the trail. more

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