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Themed tours

Themed tours

Follow the footsteps of Martin Luther in Jena. more
This guided tour will take you to the main locations of the Lutheran movement in the city of Jena. more
Jena is the city of the seven wonders of which five can still be admired today. more
Experience the history of Jena along the medieval city fortifications. more
Henry van de Velde & the Bauhaus artists in Jena
This walking tour around the city covers van de Velde’s Art Nouveau to Bauhaus.

Discover the "other" Goethe and become a researcher of natural sciences yourself in the period around 1800.

Friedrich Schiller spent longer in Jena than in any other place. more
Jena’s musical history is both rich and interesting. Explore Jena in this musical themed tour. more
Discover the life and domains of Otto Schott, Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe. more
Discover the milestones of the development and growth of the University of Jena. more
On this tour you will found out about the inventions which were made in Jena. more
During this themed city tour you will take a stroll through the “Damenviertel” district. more
Take a stroll through the Westviertel district. Between 1890 and 1930 villas were created in the park-like landscape which characterised the city over an extended period. more
Both a cemetery and a park. It is amongst the most scenic and architecturally beautiful cemeteries in Germany. more
On 17 June 1953 over 20,000 people took to the streets of Jena. Why? more
Take part in a tour of discovery where you are not only asked to listen but also actively participate by guessing, estimating, sketching and finding five unique Zeiss inventions. more
A walking tour through Jena the city of light. more
A romantic walking tour around Jena. more
Take a fascinating tour of the medical history of Jena. more

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