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Costume Tours

Costume Tours

Take an entertaining tour with the night watchman! more
Accompany Johanna Rosina Schlegel through the centre of Jena and hear interesting anecdotes. more
A Trip through the History of the City. Experience the rise of the city of winegrowers with three monasteries into a booming industrial city. more
Following in Luther’s Footsteps – a Landlady’s Tales - On the way to Luther’s original gravestone you will be given exciting insights into everyday life in Jena 500 years ago. more
Discover the daily life of students during the first 300 years of the university. more
Experience the poet and professor Friedrich Schiller through the loving eyes of his wife Charlotte. more
Stroll through narrow lanes and dark corners of the historic Old Town and be taken back to Jena’s past! more
Listen to the words of the tower watchman in 1823 as he tells amusing tales of the city in its darkest nooks and crannies. more
Tales of the black market, red "Rotplombe" jelly and golden roast chicken more

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