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Welcome to Jena – The city of Light

"How do you feel about religion? Tell me, pray". The famous "Gretchen Question" from Goethe’s Faust provides the slogan for all Jena (and Weimar) activities in the Reformation year 2017. It has lost nothing of its explosiveness, and the large number of events, exhibitions, projects and the various offers – particularly between Easter and the Reformation Day – provide affirmation for yourself and the world.

Amazing discoveries can be made in Jena. The successful university owes its existence to the defeat of the Protestant Saxon Elector John Frederick I in the Schmalkaldic War against the troops of the Catholic Emperor Charles V. Alongside the loss of the electorate and estates he also lost the Wittenberg University, his "training ground for new cadres", and therefore founded a university in Jena. In the former Carmelite monastery next to the Theaterhaus the Jena version of Luther’s works was printed from 1555. In 2017 it will be possible to find out through a documentary exhibition, the importance that the publication of other texts has for the dissemination of Luther’s ideas. Through the trials and tribulations of the 16th century the original gravestone of the Reformer remained in Jena and can be admired in the City Church.

Alongside all of the other great historical moments the city also surprises with its youthful vitality and unique location in the picturesque Saale valley, surrounded by muschelkalk slopes with orchids, winter aconites and other exotic plants. Without exaggerating a visit can offer everything: culture and history at the highest level as well as unique natural experiences on bicycles, on foot or on the water. Of course, we would be delighted to provide you with competent advice, show you the most beautiful aspects of Jena and the Saale region and provide you with tailor-made offers. Why don’t you join one of our many tour guides so you can find out more secrets of the city?

We can’t wait to meet you!

27th November to 22nd December 2017

Jena Christmas Market (photo: A. Hub)

Jena Christmas Market

Jena Christmas Market is considered to be one of the most stunning of its kind. One of the main highlights behind its unique atmosphere is Jena's restored market square at the heart of its historic old city centre. more

Views of Jena

A film about Jena

Gain insights into the diversity of the lively city on the River Saale, be encouraged to visit Jena after looking at our pictures and find inspiration for your own stay.

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Discover Jena, whether you are a tourist or guest in our city or if you already live here! The JenaCard is also the perfect gift for friends, relations, business partners and corporate clients. more

News Jena Tourism

Costume Tour "Gallows, Lanes & Crooks" on 25th of November

Stroll through narrow lanes and dark corners of the historic Old Town and be taken back to Jena’s past!


"Long Night of Sciences"

We are delighted to finally announce that the 6th „Long Night of the Sciences" will take place in Jena on 24 November 2017!


Forst Tower and Bismarck Tower opened on 12.11.2017

On Sunday, 12.11.2017, the Forst Tower and the Bismarck Tower opened to visitors from 14:00 to 16:00.

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