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Reformation - Luther in Jena

Reformation - Luther in Jena

500 years of the Reformation

Jena is celebrating the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. The City of Light shows the Reformation in a new light and reveals hitherto hidden treasures. Admire original scenes of the Reformation such as the City Church of St. Michael where Luther once delivered a sermon, his epitaph can be found here; or the Hotel Schwarzer Bär where he met students under the pseudonym "Junker Jörg". Visit the university which was founded in 1548/58 and was a refuge of true Lutheran teaching or the Carmelite monastery ruin which will be accessible from Easter 2017. Marvel at outstanding documents of the Reformation in the Thuringian University and State Library (ThULB) such as the UNESCO Memory of the World "German Mass" (Deutsche Messe) by Martin Luther, experience artistic and scientific events in the university city of Jena. The anniversary highlight "reforms" itself in Jena from 25 to 27 May 2017 with the "Church day on the trail" in Jena/Weimar.
Join us in the celebrations!

An authenticsite of the Reformation in Jena: the Carmelite monastery on Engelplatz

Just in time for the anniversary of the Reformation a gem has arisen in Jena. 500 years ago the Carmelite monastery stood below Engelplatz. It was closed following its secularisation and Saxon Elector John Frederick set up a printing works where the Jena version of Luther’s works was printed. Historians and theologians attach greater importance to it than the Wittenberg Bible, as it embodies "pure Lutheranism". The entire grounds are now an idyllic location to pause and refl ect in the centre of the city. Visitors can walk through it and experience the former monastery. The two remaining inner rooms are used as exhibition rooms which are accessible during tours. They provide a vivid impression of gothic architecture. Essential parts of the sacristy and chapter house have been preserved. An exhibition consisting of 17 panels tells the story, location and development of the Carmelite monastery in Jena, from the Jena version of Luther’s works and the future of the grounds.

Event overview anniversary of the Reformation "How do you feel about Religion? Tell me pray"

Exhibition "Between Iconoclasm and Resurrection – the Jena crowning of Mary"
till 31.12.2017 | Stadtmuseum Jena

Exhibition "Luther and the Reformation. Manuscripts and prints of the Thuringian University and State Library Jena ThULB"
22.02. – 14.12.2017 | Zimelienraum of the ThULB

Opening of the Carmelite monastery with documentary exhibition
17.04.2017 | Areal next to Theatervorplatz Jena

Concert of the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra
The sound of the Prophet: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy “Elias” op.70
28.04.2017 | 20 Uhr | Volkshaus Jena

International Organ Summer "500 years of the Reformation"
24.05. – 13.09.2017 | wednesdays 20 Uhr | Stadtkirche St. Michael Jena

How do you feel about religion? Tell me pray. Church day on the trail
Concerts and theatre, tours to special locations, lectures and podium discussions, science program, full dome church service in the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena
25. – 28.05.2017 | Jena and Weimar 

Martin Luther propaganda symposium (curated by Boris Nikitin) with the presentation of the JMR Lenz Prize for Drama of the City of Jena: "How do you feel about religion? Tell me pray"
16. – 18.06.2017 | Various venues, among others. Stadtkirche St. Michael and Theaterhaus

Concert "Johann Sebastian Bach: Mass in B minor BWV 232"
13.07.2017 | 20 Uhr | Stadtkirche St. Michael Jena

The rural area is on the rise
Performative interventions and choir recital at the train station
26./27.08.2017 | Paradies train station and train route between Jena and Naumburg 

Concert "Hymnus-Luther. Chorale fantasia Saxon Philharmonic Wind Orchestra"
15.10.2017 | 20 Uhr | Stadtkirche St. Michael Jena

Theological-political trail in Jena
In short contributions the stimulus of the Reformation is linked to local life
30.10.2017 | In front of and in important public buildings of Jena 

Exhibition "He does more damage than Luther and Melanchthon: John Frederick I of Saxony – religious fighter and martyr"
During his Imperial imprisonment (1547– 1552) "Hanfried" held unwaveringly to his beliefs, supported his country and became the "martyr" of the Reformation.
31.10.2017 – 04.03.2018 | Stadtmuseum Jena


Themed tour "Martin Luther and die Reformation in Jena"

Follow in Martin Luther’s footsteps in Jena: in the late Gothic City Church of St. Michael with Luther’s original gravestone, the hotel restaurant "Schwarzer Bär" and the Carmelite monastery ruins.
Price per group: 115 EUR (english)
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Costume Tour "Devil, Nuns, Indulgences. Reformation in Jena"

the way to Luther’s original gravestone you will be given exciting insights into everyday life in Jena 500 years ago.

Price per group: 95 EUR (german)
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Themed tour "Enforcement of Lutheranism in Jena"

Luther, Melanchthon et al.
Were considered after the separation from the Catholic Church as reformers or heretics, which were combated. The tour takes you to these locations in Jena.

Price per group: 90 EUR (german)
... as public tours
Dates: 31.03., 26.05., 28.07., 29.09.2017
Meeting place: 5 pm, Jena Tourist Information
Price: p. P. 6 EUR

Costume Tour "Sibylle of Cleves speaks about the protestant Reformation"

The electress consort has arrived in modern times by accident after reading Nostradamus.
Price per group: 135 EUR (english)
... as public tours
28.04., 30.06., 25.08., 27.10., 31.10.2017
Meeting place: 5 pm, Jena Tourist Information (On 31.10.2017 already 2 pm),
Price: p. P. 8 EUR

Feast as in Luther´s Time

In 1522, Martin Luther stayed at The Bear in Jena. Today, you can enjoy a four-course gourmet dinner.
Place: Schwarzer Bär Jena
Participants: from 2 persons
Price: 28 EUR p. P.
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