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Travelling to Jena

Travelling to Jena

Jena is situated in the centre of Germany and its infrastructure is very well connected in all points of the compass. Whether you are travelling by plane, train or car, there are many comfortable ways to travel short distances.

Transport links

The North-South and East-West thoroughfares of the Autobahns A9 Rostock-München and the A4 Dresden-Eisenach-Frankfurt/Main cross near Jena. Jena itself is linked to the A4 Dresden-Eisenach-Frankfurt/Main in the city of Jena via the junctions Jena-Zentrum and Jena-Göschwitz.

There is access to the A9 Berlin- Nürnberg via the nearby Hermsdorfer Kreuz.


Jena is connected to all European capitals and major cities via the railway network. The IC München -Berlin and the IR Chemnitz-Kassel-Aachen both stop in Jena.

Jena Paradies train station | North-South connection (Route Berlin-München) | IC/EC stop
Jena West train station | East-West connection (Route Chemnitz-Kassel-Aachen) | IR stop Elster Saale Bahn
Jena-Göschwitz | Crossing station in the south of Jena
Saalbahnhof | North-South connection (Route Berlin- München) | RE, Elster Saale Bahn

DB Reiseservice / Deutsche Bahn: Tel. 0180 5996633 (travel service) | 0800 1507090 (free timetable information via the voice response system of the DB) | www.bahn.de
Erfurter Bahn (Elster Saale Bahn): Tel. 0361 74207250 | www.erfurter-bahn.de
Abellio: travel services in the station Jena-Göschwitz | www.bahnhof-goeschwitz.de


The nearest airport is situated in Erfurt, the State Capital of Thuringia, 70 km from Jena. The road link via the A4 takes 45 minutes by car. The airport Altenburg is around 75 km from Jena; the airport Leipzig-Halle is also accessible in just an hour by car via the A9.

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